Koen Betsens

3D Printing

With a deep fascination for visual storytelling, I find immense joy in bringing Motion Graphics to life. My expertise, however, extends beyond the screen, encompassing the production of 3D printed props and IoT

Fake Screens

Motion Design for simulated screens covers a wide range of UI/UX product designs. In the late 2000s, I was introduced to my first professional film set (Wolven - VRT), and I have

Scripted interactions

Scripted interactions are a vital part of simulated app deliveries. It gives the actors a fail-safe ease of use of the applications, drastically reducing the amount of re-takes of scenes. In short, the

IoT Electronics

IoT electronics assignments have been my favorite, bringing together all my skills. Typically, these electronics prototypes are combined with 3D printed product design, interacting with a screen that serves as either an output,

3D modelling

Before my first experience on a film set, I was already immersed in commercial 3D modeling and animation projects. My work ranged from assignments for Barco to the Gent Jazz Festival, with a