Scripted interactions

Scripted interactions

Hard at work in patch mode, The Twelve.

Scripted interactions are a vital part of simulated app deliveries. It gives the actors a fail-safe ease of use of the applications, drastically reducing the amount of re-takes of scenes. In short, the actor doesn't have to think about how to use the app.

Scripted interactions typically include faked typing at the speed of the character, switching between apps, real-life complex interactions such as voice graph visualisation, animations and haptic (touch) behaviour.

The apps are delivered either as professional-grade app prototypes, web apps or even real applications for extensive productions. Some fake screens even come with remote controller interfaces for the Art Director or electronics props.

The delivery of the interactions is closely tailored to the script, in close collaboration with the Art Director, including "subject matter expert" feedback to the production.

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As a general caution, the list of references only include productions that are already published.

In-depth deliveries:

  • Het Smelt (When It Melts)
  • De Twaalf (The Twelve)
  • The Spiral
  • Wolven



Patch Editing of Youtube and Facebook simulation, Het Smelt

Het Smelt (When It Melts) required true-to-life scripted app interactions on multiple devices. Utilising patch editing, deceivingly simple (read: complex) UX interactions were implemented, such as video playback, notifications, scroll click-throughs and text search.

Technical specs

Prototype Features modes
Prototype mobile complex scripted prototyping for iOS, iPadOS and Android offline enabled
Apple laptop complex scripted prototyping for MacOS offline enabled
Smartwatch for Apple Watch and Sony SmartWatch offline enabled
Chrome browser light prototyping for Windows and Ubuntu online
  • Scripting of any interaction defined in the scenarios
  • Real-time interaction with camera, audio recording and xyz-axis
  • Fool-proof simulation of typing and precise interactions
  • Remote control for prop master possible