IoT Electronics

IoT Electronics

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IoT electronics assignments have been my favorite, bringing together all my skills. Typically, these electronics prototypes are combined with 3D printed product design, interacting with a screen that serves as either an output, a controller, or both.

I take pride in the IoT projects I've delivered, which include fully-scripted prototypes featuring camera input, facial recognition, 4G/5G connectivity with remote devices and controllers, and, most importantly, connected screens. The scope of these projects ranges from simple interaction simulations to fully functional prototypes. The only limitations are the creativity of the script and, of course, the budget.

I've also conducted IoT workshops for TUI's technology department across Belgium, the UK, the Netherlands, and Spain, as well as for the Proximus trainee internship program and BNP Paribas's technology exploration initiatives. A notable aspect of my career has been the development of R&D prototypes for Tricryo from 2017 to 2023, which showcases my ability to turn innovative ideas into reality.

Today, as a trusted partner for Art Directors, I offer a range of services from electronics props to 3D printing the model structure and casing.


As a general caution, the list of references only include productions that are already published.

  • De Mol (2018), real-time interactive IoT prototype
  • AI-based facial recognition prototype for Exploration workshops for BNP Paribas technology exploration (2018)
  • R&D Prototypes for Tricryo (2017-2023)
  • IoT prototyping workshops for TUI technologies dept Belgium, UK, Netherlands and Spain (between 2015-2017)
  • IoT prototyping workshops for Proximus technologies trainee internship program (2017)


For De Mol, we created an electronics "Press the red button" working prototype, real-time triggering an unlocking part in another section of the set.

For the setup of a count-down doomsday set in Mallorca, an array of IoT touchscreens, real-time interacting with a central screen, all handled by the Art Director through a purpose built mobile app controller.

Technical Specs

Electronics Usage add-ons
Raspberry Pi mini-computer with 4K output camera, touch-screen, casing
Arduino Electronics protyping sensors, switches, buttons, lights
Controller Mobile app for remote control 5g or wifi enabled
  • Electronic props assembly from scratch
  • 3D printing of casing and enclosures
  • Remote control with mobile app possible