Fake Screens

Fake Screens

Created in Midjourney

Motion Design for simulated screens covers a wide range of UI/UX product designs. In the late 2000s, I was introduced to my first professional film set (Wolven - VRT), and I have been passionate about it ever since.

My main portfolio consists of Motion Screen Graphics, also known as "Fake Screens." These simulate mobile and desktop apps and include working prototypes with scripted interactions. The types of simulated apps range from social media platforms, dating apps, and search engines to forensic police apps, spying software, and villain interfaces.

I have worked closely with Art Directors, delivering extensive production-wide projects for The Twelve, Het Smelt and The Spiral, among others.

Often, there is a requirement for "debranding", where the app resembles a known brand's user interface without displaying the actual brand, thus avoiding the cumbersome clearing process.

Additionally, I meticulously curate fictional filler content, mixing it with scripted content. I use my professional licenses for copyright-compliant stock material and AI content generation tools like Midjourney and ChatGPT. This material can also be provided for implementation in other props.


As a general caution, the list of references only include productions that are already published.

In-depth deliveries:

  • Het Smelt (When It Melts)
  • De Twaalf (The Twelve)
  • The Spiral
  • Wolven

Limited episodes deliveries:

  • Aspe
  • Witse
  • Screen savers and minor fake screens, Zone Stad
  • Database simulation, Vossenstreken (New Tricks)


For De Twaalf (The Twelve) we had the mission to deliver a suite of app simulations that would be brand-free but at the same time identical in user behaviour as the real deal.

Technical specs

Devices Models app type
iPhone iOS 14.1 or later prototype app
iPad iPadOS 14.1 or later prototype app
Android phone recent Nexus, Galaxy, Google Pixel, Moto prototype app
Smartwatch Apple Watch and Sony SmartWatch offline enabled
Apple Laptops MacOS Big Sur or later prototype app
PCs Windows 10+, Ubuntu 18+ Chrome based
  • All deliverables are ready for offline use
  • Scripted apps are delivered as prototypes
  • Decor screens are supported
  • Real mobile apps (review mode) are possible

Instagram Clone UI Kit

I have created this Instagram inspired template as basis for my digital props.

The mobile UI is designed to be brand-free. It is also optimised for character focus, with subtly bigger buttons, less clutter text and some visual rearrangements.

Released on Figma - https://www.figma.com/@koenbetsens

By sharing this extensive template with the community (for free), my aim is to support a richer pool of modern screen props.