Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

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My professional experience has predominantly been in commercial mobile and web app development at my former product agency, Cloudoki. The company was successfully acquired in 2022, which has allowed me to dedicate my time fully to motion screen projects and R&D research.

My direct involvement in web app development has spanned a range of areas, including UI and UX design, prototyping, code development, product management, and business development. These experiences have endowed me with in-depth expertise that I can apply to professional-grade deliveries of app simulations for film productions.

I've worked closely with Art Directors, delivering extensive, production-wide projects for The Twelve, Het Smelt, and The Spiral, among others.


As a general caution, the list of references only include productions that are already published.

Product Agency Cloudoki (now Cyrex Enterprise) selected UI/UX projects:


For The Spiral, we aimed to design apps based on actual real-life interfaces, making the results -reasonably- stand the test of time over a decade later.

Technical Specs

Live features
prototype-audio.png prototype-imagelibrary.png prototype-camera.png prototype-gps.png prototype-tilting.png
Audio metering Photo Library Camera access GPS location Phone tilting
  • Real-time inclusion of last-minute captures
  • Copyrights cleared image sourcing and AI image generation for filler content
  • Scrubbed text for filler content