3D modelling

3D modelling

3D modeling in progress, Tricryo cooling system

Before my first experience on a film set, I was already immersed in commercial 3D modeling and animation projects. My work ranged from assignments for Barco to the Gent Jazz Festival, with a focus more on animation than on product design. This expertise in animation has proven invaluable for the post-production delivery of renders for 3D props.

Currently, my focus in 3D modeling lies in the realm of engineering and product design. This shift is driven by R&D research projects and provides an ideal foundation for creating 3D printed props. Whether working from existing props or developing new ones based on script concepts, I collaborate closely with Art Directors to deliver tailored, finely-tuned 3D props.

As an interesting divergence in my 3D modeling journey, venturing into 3D game development and "modding" has been exhilarating. These experiences have been rewarding both in film, for creating game mod simulations, and in education, as a teacher of Unity game development.

If you're interested in bringing your set ideas to life with innovative 3D props and visuals, I'm eager to collaborate and help realize your vision.


As a general caution, the list of references only include productions that are already published.

  • 3D FPS Game playable mod, Zone Stad (S07)
  • 3D animations for Barco architectural product presentations
  • 2D and 3D animations for Gent Jazz Festival on-site reels
  • 3D modelling R&D Prototypes for Tricryo (2017-2023)
  • 3D modelling workshops for TUI technologies dept Belgium, UK, Netherlands and Spain (between 2015-2017)
  • 3D Game design workshops for Proximus technologies trainees (2017)


A playable 3D FPS Game for Zone Stad, tailored to the script. An elaborate amount of game modding and custom materials was used in the making of this delivery.

Technical Specs

Application usage delivery
Shapr3D Product design focussed 3D printable props
Blender 3D texturing and animation digital visualisation of the model
  • Ready-to-print STL and CAD designs
  • 3D Animations for on-set displays
  • 3D scanning for prop cloning